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A Shi'ite Encyclopedia Version 2.0 October 1995 Revised January 2001 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Editor: Ali Abbas Digital Publisher: Subject: Shia - Sunni; Imamate; Occasions This Book Contains these titles: ID Book; Introdution; Preliminary Notes; Quran and Ahlul-Bayt; Why School of Ahlul-Bayt; Who Are Ahlul-Bayt; The word "House" In Quran; Sunni Feedback on the Issues of Infallibility and Ahlul-Bayt; Who Offended the Blind?; Infallibility of the Prophets ; Leadership and Infallibility; The Twelve Imams; The Holy Qur�an and the Pure Imams; The Reward of Loving Ahlul-Bayt; How to Send Greetings to Prophet Muhammad?; Shiism; Imam Al-Mahdi a.s; The Knowledge of The Unseen The Knowledge of The Book; Some Traditions on the Virtues of Imam �Ali (as); Ghadir Khum; Certainly your Master is ...; Who is the successor of the Prophet (S)?; The Prophet Announcing His Successor in His First Preach; The Opinion of Imam �Ali (as) on Caliphate; Companions; The Trag ...
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